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Servicing and repair of Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophones and Oboes. 

How do I know what my instrument needs? 

One of the hardest jobs as a repairer is quoting for work over the phone or by email. Until I have the instrument in our hands, it can be very tricky to diagnose the problem, although an image or video of the fault can sometimes help a lot.

Generally speaking, if your instrument has a key that has suddenly stopped working or you've noticed that a small piece of cork/felt has fallen off, it may need a minor repair. This costs from £25 to £45 and covers minor​ pad and key adjustments. These repairs can also be booked as a 'Same Day Repair' appointment via the booking system. 

I recommend that instruments are given a General Service every 18-24 months to keep them in good repair and ensuring that they are playing at their best. Servicing takes 4-5 working days to allow time for glued parts to dry and pads to settle. Approximate servicing costs are as follows:

Student Clarinets and Flutes: From £55, Open hole Flutes, Oboes and Saxophones: From £75

Please note that replacement pads are charged separately, as are Tenon corks. Servicing for advanced and pro level instruments will understandably incur higher costs.  You can book a 15 minute appointment to drop off your instrument and receive a quote for the work via our booking system. 

​If your instrument has not been played for some time, has torn, furry or hard pads, or has been badly knocked/dropped, it may require an Overhaul. This will include dismantling and cleaning the instrument, plus replacing all pads, corks, felts etc. oiling the bore, polishing if required and, replacing springs where necessary. ​​The price for this varies hugely between instruments so it is usually best to chat on the phone prior to booking a repair appointment. 

For further information, and to book an appointment, please see our Bookings page.

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